mandalin trans oil exporting network

Thanks to international distributors’ increased interest in MANDALIN TRANS OIL , we have been steadily increasing our presence in countries outside Spain. 

  As such MANDALIN TRANS OIL pledges to export the following qualities which have made our products and services so successful in Spain: - The guarantee that our product ion is 100% our own (ie olives harvested from within our own network of local suppliers which are refined to produce the highest standard of olive oil). - Experience, quality and a long history of family tradition.

  MANDALIN TRANS OIL started in business by producing extra virgin olive oil from its own business premesis in the heart of Jaén province, Andalucia.   Over time, it has increased its distribution channels, all the time maintaining its base business philosophy and principles - to provide the consumer with a good value product that is authentic and natural.And with our product comes the highest gaurantee of quality and safety that comes from our extensive experience of making olive oil - handed down from generation to generation in this family run business.  

As well as working with established distributors we are also keen to develop our international distribution. As such we are interested in adding to our network of international distribution partners.   To promote and increase our presence on the international market, we also work closely with Spanish organisations and institutions specialising in foreign business, including Cámaras de Comercio, Junta de Andalucía y el Instituto de Comercio Exterior(ICEX).   International Distributors: