Where to keep it: Store the oil sealed and in a dark fresh place. Ensure that the place is free from intense odours as the oil may absorb them. Packaging such as tin or ceramic retains the oil’s oxidation.   Remember: This will safeguard the oil! The advantages of frying with olive oil are: - It doesn’t penetrate beneath the surface, meaning foods retain their full flavour and carry just a hint of oil in their taste after frying.   Don’t fry with other fats and oils! MANDALIN TRANS OIL  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best choice for frying foods – you can re-use it several times without affecting the taste, and it can be used at higher temperatures than other oils without deteriorating.  
More about frying … and the aesthetics When it comes to meat, fish or vegetables, frying with Extra Virgin Olive Oil better maintains aromas and flavours, prevents sticking and cuts down on greasiness. ** Obviously, ensure the oil isn’t hot enough to smoke before you begin frying 
For salads Dress with oil and salt to begin with, adding vinegar or lemon later. This method provides a protective layer that will prevent salad leaves from withering. 

  For meats. Rubbing Extra Virgin Olive Oil on meats to be barbecued helps to conserve their natural juices, and also seal in flavour while they cook. Another trick: Keep meat flavoursome by marinating in oil when preparing.

   Tasters… Thought for the day. A good way of appreciating the distinct sensations of our MANDALIN TRANS OIL   Extra Virgin Olive Oil is to drizzle a little oil over bread or boiled potato.

 Crush with a fork and add, if you like, a little salt.   To give flavour When wanting to season a dish and bring out the flavour use the picual variety of  MANDALIN TRANS OIL  If wanting to bring out the flavours of other ingredients, use a smooth oil like the arbequina variety of MANDALIN TRANS OIL SL,.  
All in one. There are few natural products that are so complete from a dietary, gastronomic and nutritional point of view. Our MANDALIN TRANS OIL  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is all in one: a nourishment, a condiment, a cosmetic, a balm and a medicine.  

What should we do with our used oil?  

In many towns, until not so long ago, used olive oil was made into a homemade soap. Even today popular knowledge realises the beneficial properties of this practice when it comes to personal hygiene. On our website (in the Old Apothecary/Remedies section you will find the recipe for making olive oil soap).

Please, never throw used oil down the kitchen sink or down the toilet. It’s advisable to safely recycle it in the sealed containers provided by local authorities, which are clearly marked to avoid confusion. It’s best to contact your local authority in order to find the ‘recycling point’ closest to your home
There are many solutions for the disposal of used cooking oil available on the market - in this case a solidifier of vegetable oil. With this product you can convert your oil into a solid pellet that can be thrown into the bin or easily stored for recycling.   This product is registered with the brand ‘Frito Limpio’.