Extra Virgin Oilve Oil is essentially a nutriment. Besides its nourishing and healthy qualities it’s a low GI food and a proven anti-oxidant. This marvellous product, fruit of Mediterranean culture and integral to the Spanish diet, is a complex liquid filled with a tangible blend of fragrance, taste and texture.  

Like everything we consume we seldom consider the technical qualities or the chemical composition of a foodstuff. We’re aware of something far more obvious instead – the satisfaction and pleasure (or lack of) that derives from the way something tastes.

Sampling is an essential factor in really getting to know MANDALIN TRANS OIL , and a process that combines all the senses. The tasting is maintained throughout theMANDALIN TRANS OIL olive oil process, from the oil press or the mill, under the expert gaze of specialists and tasters. Having, literally, grown up with the oil press, we are familiar with terms like thick, coarse, fine, fruity mouldy, rancid etc. – although these are terms that will not be instantly familiar to most people.  
Unlike with the tasting and appreciation of other foods and beverages (such as wine for example), that has long been accepted practice, the ‘tasting’ of oil is still an alien concept to most of the public and one that is reserved for, in the majority of cases, the experts and specialists.