mandalin trans  family tradition.

Family Tradition
The olive has been a symbol of our family for as long we can remember. For this reason, the cultivation of the olive, the production and bottling of mandalin trans oil  extra virgin olive oil is a legacy that has been handed down from our ancestors. Today, despite our established business reputation we are still, before anything, a family with a tradition for farming. .

The origins of the company can be traced back to2007. mandalin trans oil   that we know today was born in those times. However, in the second half of the Twentieth century, the generation of  idumwonuyi  and  Ajayi    and  kriss eve ajavi  and mandalin   established another prominent landmark in the .mandalin trans oil company

The latest achievement to have taken place in recent years has been the establishment of the  MANDALIN TRANS OIL brand.Carrying the family name, the registered brand trades in the domestic, as well as the international, olive oil market.
Despite the universal perspective of our business, what we offer the consumer are the ESSENCE and FOUNDATIONS of our family olive groves, which provide the origins of our unqiue flavour.